Office 365 for Students & Staff

Microsoft is offering Office 365 ProPlus to LLCC students and staff for free.

Office 365 ProPlus is a full version of Office. The programs have the same features and functionality as other versions of Office. For example, Word in Office 365 ProPlus works the same way it does in Office Standard 2013.

  • Access
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • PowerPoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • OneNote

Like other versions of Office, Office 365 ProPlus is available in a 32-bit and a 64-bit version. We recommend installing the 32-bit version, even on computers using 64-bit operating systems. Get Started guides contain the steps to install Office ProPlus for Free. Students and staff can continue to use the software for free as long as their LLCC email account is active.

Student Get Started Guide

Staff Get Started Guide

Access the Office 365 link from the messages section in the upper right corner of your LLCC email account or by clicking on the Office 365 link in the upper left corner. Should the Install Now link not be present, go to to be directed to the Office 365 signup page, where you will need to log in with your LLCC email address to Get Started.

Contact the IT Help Desk should you need any assistance at or 217-786-2555.

IT Help Desk will provide assistance locating and accessing the page to download Office 365 ProPlus. IT Help Desk does not provide assistance troubleshooting student devices or using Office 365 ProPlus.

Intro to Office 365

OneDrive is part of Office 365 and is an online (cloud) file storage application. You are provided with 1TB of storage space for files, photos, etc. Your files can be shared with others, are accessible from any device connected to the Internet and even collaborate with others on your Office documents at the same time while editing the document in the browser.

With Office 365, you can create a document on your office or home computer, save it to OneDrive and edit the same file on another device. No need to email it to yourself or save a copy to a thumb drive. All applications available can be used on-line across multiple platforms (PC/Mac, tablet, iPad, smartphone).

There are two ways to access Office 365, OneDrive and other online applications. Log into your LLCC Email account via the web ( My LLCC Email) click on the apps icon or the Office 365 link in the upper left of the window. You can access this directly at and log in with your LLCC Email address. If prompted, choose the Work or School Account option.

Office 365 - Upload a Document

How do you access Office 365 OneDrive and/or a Group site?

Office 365 is web-based and accessible on any device that has an internet connect. PC/Mac brwoser, Smartphone , Tablet, iPad via browser, and/or Office Apps

What type of documents can you upload to OneDrive or a Group site?

You can upload any file type, including images, documents, and videos and there are no restrictions placed on file types that can be uploaded. All folders and file types can be shared with other users within the LLCC system.

Note: Do not upload illegally obtained or personal files onto your OneDrive for Business or Group site with Lincoln Land Community College. In addition, prior to uploading your documents verify that the file name follows standard file naming convention and does not contain special characters. If the file name does not meet this criteria you will not be able to upload, regardless of the upload method used and an error message will be displayed.

How do you upload a Folder or File?

You can upload a file by dragging the folder or file to the specified location within the OneDrive for Business app within File Explorer or via the Office 365 Gateway, OneDrive application. Microsoft has several videos on OneDrive. Visit the Office 365 training center .

Office 365 - Share a File or Folder

How do you access Office 365 OneDrive and/or a Group site?

Office 365 is web-based and accessible on any device that has an internet connect. PC/Mac brwoser, Smartphone , Tablet, iPad via browser, and/or Office Apps

How do you share a file or folder from your OneDrive account? After accessing OneDrive, click to the left of the file or folder name to select. The menu above changes and you will be given the option to Share and Get Link. You can share only to active LLCC Email accounts with an Email and the link to the document or by creating a hyperlink to post in an email, on a webpage or with your Blackboard course.

Select the document by clicking to the left of the name. To the far right, Click on Share in the menu. Add People via email address to the right. You can then choose to give Edit or View permissions.

From within an open document, click on Share in the upper right corner. The default sharing method is Invite People. Here you will enter individual LLCC Email addresses. The file option is defaulted with Edit, but you can change to View only permissions. Type in a note to the recipient(s) and click Share.

Should you choose to post a hyperlink to your document, you will select the Get Link. You must choose one of the three options for sharing permissions.

  • Restricted – recipient opens the link and then must request permission to view. Permissions must be granted by file owner. You will receive an Email notification of the request to view and allow sharing access.
  • View Link – recipient can open the document as Read-Only and can forward this onto other LLCC email accounts.
  • Edit Link – recipient can open, edit and forward the document onto other LLCC email accounts.

After choosing the permission option that best meets your need, click on Create. Copy the hyperlink and then paste into an Email message (you can send this to a distribution group within your Email Contacts list using this method) or specific course location in Blackboard. Files remained shared until you stop sharing. Create a new hyperlink if you wish to share the document again at a later date and post accordingly.

Stop Sharing or change the sharing permissions on a file or folder at any time. Selecting the file or folder within OneDrive and to the right, click on Shared. A list will appear to the right with the individuals shared with and permissions. Click on the Can Edit or Can View beneath the individual’s name and choose a different permission or Stop Sharing. To stop sharing with all, click on the Share option in the menu after selecting the file or folder. Click on Share With in the window and then Stop Sharing. This will prompt you for a confirmation.